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Start Accepting Take-Out Meal Orders From Your Own Customized Online Menu This Week

Innovation companies, aBitNow and jIT Solutions (Bay State Integrated Technology, Inc.) have teamed up to bring the restaurant industry back from the brink of failure. This solution will not only revolutionize the industry for decades to come, it will solve the most pressing challenges of restaurants and restaurant staff to help get through the COVID-19 challenge today. Most importantly, it will get restaurant staff members back to work and businesses back to profitable.

We have developed an online ordering system that can be shared by any restaurant that wants to:

  1. Take-Out Online ordering
  2. Delivery – Online ordering
  3. Eat-in – Online order
  4. JiT Eat-in – Online ordering (Stick with us we will explain JiT)

We will ensure that we can seamlessly meet your restaurant needs and want to share the following flexible options that you can use at home, work or even on the go. Please call us at 508.947.1478 for details.

jIT Solutions is here to offer restaurants assistance and a solution to stay in business and profitable! We will set you up for “Online Ordering” with:

  • No long-term contract
  • Fast and easy setup
  • No cost gouging unlike our competitors, you will profit off every ticket.
  • COVID-19 Emergency Special:
    • No money down
    • 50% off the first six months
    • Sign-up now, receive orders this week (First-come-first-served)
    • 45 day deferred 5-month Easy Payment Plan (no-interest) for all setup fees
    • The Catch; you agree to provide feedback through all aspects of the program

We thank you for your continued partnership with jIT Solutions; should you have questions or concerns, our call center representatives are available via phone at 508.947.1478.

Just in Time Solutions has been actively monitoring this situation and following the guidelines outlined by the  CDC website to manage the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We will continue to carefully monitor as the situation evolves. We are also focusing our vast resources on solutions to help businesses cope.

To assist restaurants and their staff, we already have available for your restaurant to leverage online ordering and Take-Out. We have full delivery capabilities with a plan restaurants can leverage to safely deliver the food themselves. Keeping employees they have working as delivery personnel. As an innovative company, we are putting processes in place where delivery personnel never come in contact with the customer. Keep watching this space and register to learn more.

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